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Create a big, fashionable bag suitable for everyday use and large enough for the beach and shopping.


You will need 70 cm of ARTIFICIAL LEATHER - LEATHERETTE. The front and back part, pocket and handles will be made out of leatherette.


Be precise while tailoring since you want your seams to overlap while sewing. Lay the leatherette (the artificial leather) on the lining and, with the help of a chalk and right triangle, cut out two pieces.

The top layer, the one with an opening, should be 70cm and 54cm in height. After you cut out the rectangle, cut out two squares of 16x16cm on the bottom corners as shown in the picture. You will get the shape of the letter T. Cut out two such cuts.

Also, cut out the rectangle for the pocket (17x24cm). Place it in the middle of the cut and sew it on the material.

Place both pieces face to face. With the help of a sewing machine sew the pieces – 38cm on both sides and 38cm beneath.


After you sew the pocket and three sides, carefully follow the instructions and the sketch.

On the bottom layer, left and right, there are two holes. To make it easier, the corners are colour-coded – for example, green colours are to be sewn together. So, sew together the outer corners coded green. Take the inner corners coded pink and pull them in the opposite direction. Use pins to fix everything together so it will not move while sewing. Sew from the pink dot over the green to the next pink dot.



After you are done with sewing, turn the bag. Cut out two long strips of 55cm and 1-2cm in width. If the leatherette is thick, it is enough to cut out the strips and sew them; however, if the leatherette is soft, it is necessary to make it double in order to make it stronger and sew it. 


We recommend the usage of thick leatherette, preferably the one used for upholstery.



Source: http://chezpiu.canalblog.com/archives/2014/09/12/30543795.html



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