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Clutch Purse

Clutch Purse

Do you need a small purse for special occasions such as the prom, wedding or simply grabbing a drink with a friend?

Create a foldover clutch from a rectangle, which you can wear in your hand or under your armpit.

To create the purse you need an artificial leather. The softer the leather, nicer the clutch. You also need a lining, which can be made of any kind of thin material that is easy to sew when combined with leather. Lastly, you need a zipper, 30 cm long zipper and other sewing utensils.

Cut out four rectangles, two out of leatherette and two out of lining, size 30 x 30 cm, and cut out two small leatherette rectangles, 6 x 3 cm.


Fold smaller rectangles in half, as shown in the picture, and place them on the ends of the zipper.



Help yourself with clips because leatherette is too thick to use pins. Sew the part near the edge as shown in the picture.



Place the zipper face-down on one 30 x 30 cm rectangle. Place the lining face-down over the zipper. Sew all three materials together by sewing along the upper edge of the zipper.


Repeat on the other side. The layers should look like on the picture above.

With a long steam with lager spaces hem the zipper, as shown in the picture.


Turn everything on the reverse. Use the clips to secure the zipper area so that everything stays in place. First sew the leatherette and then the lining.



Leave a hole in the lining large enough that whole purse can go through.



Sew the lining, but be careful for the stitches not to be seen. Place the lining in the clutch and it is ready.



Fill the clutch with precious things and combine it with appropriate styling.




Source: http://transientexpression.com/tutorial-tuesday-leather-foldover-clutch/



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