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Decorative Pillow Case

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Decorative Pillow Case

To create a pillow case you need fabric and a pillow. You can use the pillow you already have at home. In case you want to create a new pillow, you can buy filling and thin cotton for interlining – the same procedure as for a pillow case - in our online store.

1.) Select the pillow for your pillow case. Dimensions of the pillow in the video are 40 x 40 cm. Cut out two 40 x 40 cm squares from the previously selected material. No seam allowances needed because we want the pillow to be compact and the pillow case not too big.

Sandwich two squares together, right side to right side. Sew the pieces together leaving an opening – seam of only about 3cm on each side.

Trim the corners as shown in the video. This way the pillow will look nicer when you turn it.
Flip the pillow right side out. Poke the corners out.

Before you insert the pillow, iron the opening below. Insert the pillow. Pin the opening for easy sewing.
Sew as close to the edge as possible.

2.) You have learned how to sew a basic throw pillow with the example above. The following one will show you how to create a pillow sham which you can take on and off, wash and change.

Pillow dimensions are the same as above, 40 x 40 cm. The cut is slightly different. Cut out the front piece of the pillow – a square 40 x 40 cm in size. For the back side, cut out two rectangles 40 x 25 cm in size. The back will have an opening in the middle. Iron the edges of the rectangles below, 1 cm, and sew down the edge. Lay the rectangles over the front side of the pillow, right side to right side, as shown in the video. Sew the pieces together. Trim the corners and turn the pillow right side out.

You have two beautiful pillows created in two different ways. Choose whichever suits you the best.
You can change and create pillows for furniture and garden sets.




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