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Fabric Wall Art

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Fabric Wall Art

Requirements: wooden frames, upholstery stapler, different patterned fabrics.

Arrange pieces of fabric and frames on the floor. The arrangement should match your wall. Think carefully about the arrangement in order to be satisfied with the final product.


Cut materials according to the size and thickness of the frame; the thickness of the frame plus 3 cm on each side.


Start on one side. Gently puff out the material and secure it on the frame using the upholstery stapler. Staples should be at a distance of 5 cm. Continue with securing the material on the opposite side. End by securing the remaining two sides.



The edges remain. Secure them as as depicted – take the edge of the material and align it to the middle of the frame, the material will twist diagonally, secure it and cut it off.



Examples of fabric wall art in one of our stores:




Source: http://www.brit.co/fabric-canvas-art/


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