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Spring Easter Eggs

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Spring Easter Eggs

Make a colourful spring decoration. Your little ones can help you with their creative ideas.

You will need: colourful yarn, water balloons, mekol glue and clips.


Inflate the balloon of the desired size and tie it at the end. To liquefy glue mix it with water, but not too much water since you want it to remain sticky. Take the desired length of yarn and soak it in glue.
Take the yarn for its end and wrap it around the balloon as shown in the picture. If you want more densely knitted egg, use more yarn. If you want less densely knitted egg, use less yarn.


Clip the balloons and yarn together for them to dry completely. When yarn is dry, pierce the balloon and you are left with a hollow egg.

At the top of the Easter eggs adjust the thread, in our case yarn, and use it to hang the eggs and decorate your home.



Source: http://tinyrottenpeanuts.com/cool-craft-string-easter-eggs/


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